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Why Auto London?

Auto London started in 2015 with a big vision:  Build a better car scrapping customer experience and save the environment by removing old cars & encouraging users to buy new cars with more safely.

We offer free pickup and super-fast instant cash pay-outs for scrap and damaged vehicles within 50 miles from London.

If you have a car that’s written-off, old, worn-out or simply won’t go then we can help! Auto London is an experienced and friendly team that can turn your unwanted car into cash in the hand. Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to do.


Our Truck truck drivers driving around London, Surrey, Kent & Essex with daily collections. This means we have a quick response time if you ring us before 2 pm we can usually offer a same day pick up service. All you need is your driver’s license or photo ID.

What happens to your vehicle once we collect it?

If your car is still in a roadworthy condition, we may try and find a buyer for it. If the car is unsuitable to be reused, we remove any car parts and sell those on. We then recycle the rest of the car in our authorised treatment facility and turn it into scrap metal.

You must tell us if you scrapping the vehicle as part of the Government Scrappage Scheme before we issue the quote, then we can get the Certification of Destruction or any relevant documentation for you. 

Environmentally friendly 

We recycle any old and written off cars we receive in a responsible way. We’re experts at removing the fuel, oil, or other harmful fluids so the environment isn’t at risk. Many people aren’t sure how to get rid of their car so they dump them in a paddock, in a ditch or leave them on the side of the road. Don’t do this, call us instead! We do everything we can to protect the environment, and we’re proud to educate the wider public on the benefits of recycling scrap metal.


Cash for cars 

The best thing about using Auto London Car Scrap is that you get cash for your old car. Yes, that’s right, the driver comes with real cash in hand, not bank cheques or transfers. 

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