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ULEZ Free?

Blue Skies

It’s a hot topic of conversation for motorists right now, so if you’re a regular traveller to and from London or living in the ULEZ zone, then you’ll be affected by the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).


Coming into force from Tuesday 29th August 2023, ULEZ will expand across Greater London, where the highest polluting vehicles will be charged a daily fee of £12.50 if they don’t meet the required Euro emissions standards. 


What makes a car ULEZ-compliant?

For a car to be compliant with ULEZ, it must meet the required Euro emissions standards, which are:

  • EURO 4 for petrol cars (this became mandatory for all new cars in 2005)

  • EURO 6 for diesel cars (this became mandatory for all new cars in September 2015)

As a general rule of thumb, most petrol-fuelled cars under 18-years-old, or diesel-powered cars under 8 years old meet the current Euro emissions standards for ULEZ. 


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